Faith in God

No storm is to big, If you have faith in God!

Sometimes God calms the storm, sometimes He lets the storm rage and calms His child. Source unknown

Ever wonder if there were times when the disciples wondered what they had gotten themselves into with Jesus. Today’s story was one of those occasions. Reference: Mark 4:35-41. Jesus concluded a long day of teaching by getting into a boat with His disciples— a sure sign something interesting was about to happen.

As the Lord slept, black clouds filled the sky and giant waves began crashing over the boat and filled it with water. The terrified disciples woke Jesus, accusing Him of not caring that they might soon drown. Jesus got up and dealt with the tempest.

No problem here. All it took was His authoritative Word, and a great miracle happened. Immediately the wind and waves died down. Even though Jesus was present with the disciples, they feared that the storm would kill them. Once the threat was past, they felt a different kind of fear. They stood in terrified awe of Him who had calmed the storm.

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