What’s Next?

Life at 100 Miles an Hour. Mother’s Day, wow was it great! Love you Mom!

Coming Up … You’ve got Tamale Festival, Memorial Day, Graduation, Pentecost, and who could forget Father’s Day … It’s light speed into summer.

Hmmmm, Together, let’s begin thinking more about these events as opportunities to connect with your family and friends for a summer, has it even been spring yet?

What sizzling outside events are you planning or attending? What are some things you plan to do this Spring/Summer?

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I Will Be There

“When You go through deep waters, I will be with you.” – Isaiah 43:2

As you ponder today’s “Thought for the Day”, maybe you’ve had the experience of realizing you missed your freeway exit long after it had disappeared from your rear-view mirror. Or maybe you have finished an entire meal without really tasting any of it because your mind was somewhere else,

Or maybe your situation is heavier than those thoughts. The big “C” word, Cancer reared it’s head at the doctors office. Life can be hard, but your not alone. We’re here to remind you, you are not alone!

We will pray for you now. Go to this Prayer Link or call KSWP/KAVX Prayer Team at 888-NeedHim or 800-944-8443.