World MS Day

By Editorial Team · May 30, 2018

My Son was diagnosed with MS in October of 2007. I want to brag on his wife, He was diagnosed just 6 months after they met. She stuck with Him, they married and have a wonderful son!

She says, “I’ll never be able to tell you the pure determination he fights with daily to not let MS control him. Yes, it affects him. No, most of you don’t know it because he’s so strong (well an a smidge stubborn). We pray for a cure daily.”

World MS Day, yesterday, an opportunity to raise awareness about what living with MS is really like. We pulled together a list of 30 facts in order to spread the word and help others understand the day-to-day of life with MS.

This year, we will also be giving away stickers to continue the conversation offline! To help increase awareness read on, share these facts, and enter to win two stickers!

Want to know more about MS Go here.

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