Give God, He’ll Give You

“Give God your weakness and He’ll give you His Strength.” Bible Reasons

Are you using your own strength? Don’t waste your weakness! Use your trial and your struggles to rely more upon the strength of God. God provides both physical and spiritual strength in our time of need. God has given some believers the strength to remain in captivity for years. Once I heard a testimony of how God has given a small kidnapped woman the strength to break the chains that were holding her so she can escape.

If God can break physical chains how much more can He break the chains that are in your life? Wasn’t it the strength of God that saved you on the cross of Jesus Christ?

Wasn’t it the strength of God that helped you before? Why do you doubt? Have faith! Food, TV, and the internet won’t give you strength in your time of need. It will only give you a temporary way to cope with the pain in the hard times.

You need the everlasting unlimited strength of God. Sometimes you have to go to the prayer closet and say God I need you! You have to come to the Lord in humility and pray for His strength. Our loving Father wants us to fully depend on Him and not ourselves.

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