It Never Hurts to Ask

What are you going to ask for today?

I simply said, “it never hurts to ask.” This is true reality in most most every day. Darren Hardy Tells this fun story … “I’m a big believer that you only get what you ask for if you ask for…”

I have two big vices in life great coffee and ice cream. In the ice cream arena, it’s vanilla “Häagen-Dazs Ha ha ha vanilla Häagen-Dazs”. It must be made from Angels milk … sheer ecstasy!

It’s what gives me a new lease on life. When I lick it all and you have to lick it all! Intense … Wow! I savor each lick until my taste buds scream in pain for more and then when I reluctantly swallow my last bite… “It’s just not right!” When that happens, I’m just not ready to bite into the cone, oh that is the beginning of the end.

So one day I went back up to the counter with a big milk covered smile. I said as charming as I possibly could muster, “For a real passionate lover of your great product would you kindly add a quick tourist a small shaving to the top here holding my topless cone would help her … help extend my joy just a little bit longer! And with Angels Milk.”!!!

To my delight and even with a strict policy against such allowances she said, “It would be my pleasure and tucked another free, all be it a Hallow scoop of vanilla Bliss on top my cup”

The charm must’ve worked when I came back to the table my with my new free scoop my wife couldn’t believe it … I had asked and they give it to me.

I simply said, it never hurts to ask!