Fruitfulness = Faithfulness

Fruitfulness matters, but the only road there is through consistent faithfulness. – J.D. Greear

Have you ever experienced a season of life where you felt Unable to  accomplish the responsibility you’ve been given? Sure, from time to time, we all have. God has reminded me of how desperate I am for His abiding presence in my life.

You and I must daily surrender to Him in order to accomplish any task, forcing us to face my own limits, inadequacies and fears as a husband, wife, father, or mother.

This critical importance of full surrender and utter dependency on Him is for my good and is an illustration of John 15. Any fruitfulness in my life is completely hinged on an utter dependency in my relationship with Jesus Christ.

Fruitfulness comes from faithfully giving up getting up and going through the day, abiding with Him, and it is measured in 60 second moments every day!

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