Won’t Last – How To Stay Married


Four Tips for Making your Marriage Last.  The Advice from a couple who’s been married 60 years – Ouida and Steve Stephenson married six weeks after meeting on a blind date.

Some said it wouldn’t last. Those people were wrong.

In May, the Stephensons celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary with a surprise party at “their Whataburger” in San Marcos, Texas.

Life has dished up plenty of surprises in the six decades since Steve and Ouida went to a justice of the peace in Dallas and became Mr. and Mrs. Stephenson, but they’ve focused on these four tips to help them through it all. More at WHATABURGER.

1. Trust your gut: Their courtship was brief, but why question unknowns? “You never really know anyone,” Ouida says. They do say they were old enough to understand the commitment. …

2. Family first: Family is their pride and priority. Though their three daughters live in different Texas cities, the Stephensons talk to each one every day … with their children and great-grandchildren. “They have always been the driving force. More at WHATABURGER

3. Make memories together (and cherish them). Ouida says. “I wish everyone could have the life we’ve had.”

4. Stick with a good thing: Their generation, born at the end of the Great Depression, learned to accept tough times and keep moving.  Marriage is about respecting and standing by each other for the long haul. More at WHATABURGER

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