Pennies from Heaven

And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth. (John 1:14)

When many of us think of Jesus and His glory, we picture Him returning with a host of angels, trumpets blowing and the clouds parting in the brightest sky we will have ever seen. However, each day He is all around us and we miss those precious opportunities to experience His glory here on earth. Why would we choose to miss out on that blessing? For too many of us, the hectic, chaotic, stressed life we try to live distracts us from our ultimate purpose while here.

This has been the case for my son who is now in his third week of Basic Combat Training (BCT) in the ARMY. Because of life, social media, liberal influences in school, unsaved friends, etc, he has faced that point in life we must all go through eventually: our crisis of FAITH! Before shipping out to Basic, he admitted this to his grandmother (aka. Granna), who as you would expect from a pastor’s wife, began to pray for him and for God to reveal Himself in such a way that there would be no question of God’s power, authority and existence. Well, let me tell you, when Granna prays, GOD SHOWS UP!

Growing up, her dad (we know as Papaw) would always find a penny on the ground and would be so very excited about his new found wealth and blessing. Long after Papaw went to be with the Lord, Granna still finds pennies on the ground and when she does, it’s a sign that Papaw and God are watching over the family and loving us. This has been a family practice for years all because of his love for pennies and because of our love for him.

On what was one of the saddest days for my son and the entire family (the day of his oath and shipping off to the ARMY), Granna stepped out of the car and there on the ground was a penny! She quickly scooped it up, carried it with her and when we finally had a chance to see our “trainee”, she gave it to him and said that Papaw was here and was very proud! Little did we know what an impact pennies were really going to have in the very near future.
The following is an excerpt of our first letter we received from our ARMY man and to our surprise and delight, a penny made all the difference in his life:

“I was doing PT on the track and saw a shine come out of the corner of my eye in the dirt. I found another penny (that being the second one I’ve found). They always stay with me now. I feel that God spoke to me for the first time. That I could understand He is watching me in my hardest times. Thank you both for showing me who God was at a young age. That was what I needed to have in order to see God for who He is: HOPE!”

Don’t let Satan keep you down. Don’t let his chain of lies keep you in bondage and prevent you from finding that HOPE, blessing and peace that Jesus is simply waiting for you to see and accept. It’s as easy as picking a shiny penny up from the dirt. That doesn’t mean life will be a bed of roses afterward. It simply means He will see you through whatever you face as my son said:

“I get a little sad thinking about home, family, my dogs, everything. I’m sure that’s just part of life away from home; and, manning up and accepting my decision is all I can do now. I want to be a Soldier! That’s what I keep telling myself when I get tired. And in God we Trust. “

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