PRAISE GOD! KSWP is at Full-Power!

On Thursday morning, July 26, 2018, KSWP experienced a transmission failure.

Chief Operator/Engineer, Tim Swanson, traveled to the transmitter site. He could not get the transmitter back on-air and quickly realized the problem was beyond his scope of expertise, so he called Broadcast Works in Tyler.

The engineer from Broadcast Works disassembled the transmitter and found several damaged or bad components. He ordered three separate sets of parts over the week and after installing each, the transmitter still did not power up.

The engineers, in cooperation with Gates-Harris (the transmitter manufacturer), worked together to get KSWP back on the air.

The real culprit is the neutralizer, which measures about 6″x3″ and is nothing more than a slim piece of copper on a mylar backing. Disassembly of the transmitter cavity was necessary to get to the part and to change out a bad filament socket.

So tuning up the transmitter took time because it was almost like coming off the assembly line.

Thankfully, KSWP is always heard online or using the smartphone apps foriPhone and Android devices.

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