Lufkin Wins in Rally JLWS

KTRE Reports: Lufkin Wins! The ‘Fierce 14s’ rally late in their opening Junior League World Series Game against Illinois, 7-6. The 7th inning rally propels Lufkin All-Stars to 7-6 win over Illinois at Junior League World Series.
By Caleb Beames, Sports Director

Taylor, MI -The Lufkin Junior All-Stars had the hometown fans on the edge of their seats Sunday afternoon as they rallied late in their opening game of the Junior League World Series. Heading into the Junior League World Series, the Lufkin All-Stars talked about having to get their swing back. It did not take long to do that in their opening game against the Warren Park Youth Baseball Little League out of Chicago.

<——————– Details @KTRE. Go Here. ———————->

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