The Passing Of Aretha Franklin

Artists and the Industry React To The Passing Of Aretha Franklin By August 16, 2018 News

On Instagram “yolandaadams” responded o Aretha Franklin’s death, “All Hail The QUEEN!!! Prayers and comfort to the Franklin Family as we say Good Bye to a TRUE LEGEND. My heart is overwhelmed because Mrs Aretha had such a great influence on My Musical Life. I grew up listening to her almost every day. Business Woman, Philanthropist, Mother….. her Achievements go on and on. I’m so glad I got a chance to tell her how much I love her. 💝💝💝“
The following were other responses:

More from Instagram:
aguita2 R.I.P. beloved Ms. Franklin , Prayers for confort for the family 🙏😢

maurizio.piseddu – your voice will remain forever in our hearts

johnsonramona – Surely will be miss her. The sky, is crying out for her. She a added angle in the haven’s.

belinda3092h – Mrs. Yolanda that is real. Love you family!

that.dude_josh – so we need Karen Clark Sheard, and Yolanda Adams for the gospel portion of Aretha Franklin’s tribute.

michellesteer44 – Very talented indeed.. RIP

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