Back to School Prayers 2nd

Back to School Prayers (2)

Heavenly Father, you are the source of joy, peace, and love, which is shown through your Son’s sacrifice on the cross. On the days when my patience is thin, when my students are acting up and I fear I’ll express my frustration, remind me of your mercy toward me.

Take away the frazzled feelings of stress, and replace them with heaping portions of self- control seasoned with patience and flavored with kindness.

When my coworkers are at the end of their ropes, help them hold on. Calm their spirits, and remind them that you see each precious child, each stressful situation, each moment of frustration. Thank you for setting an example for us through your Son, who lived out the fruit of the Spirit in every way. Thank you for making me more like him every day. In his precious name, amen.

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