Don’t Carry the Baggage of Stress

Have you ever said, “I want a stress free trip, test, life, etc.?” Check out the three quotes from some motivational speakers!

  • “Christ doesn’t want people to carry the baggage of stress and anxiety at home or at work. When Christ died of the cross for each of us, He allowed us to place our burdens at the foot of His cross.” -Jud Wilhite
  • “Why does the devil make us tense, upset, disturbed, disquieted, and distracted? He wants to keep us from focusing on the good things God has given us. He wants to keep us from enjoying our relationship with the Lord and the abundant life Jesus died to provide for us.” -Joyce Meyer
  • “Anxiety means to be … worried about what may happen; concern about a possible future event.’ The Lord told me, ‘Anxiety is caused by trying to mentally and emotionally get into things not here yet OR things from … an area of the past or future.” -Joyce Meyer

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