School Jitters

By More4kids

Parenting Tips –
Tip One:
Even a week or two in… Everyone has jitters – Let your child know … everyone is going to have the same fears.Tip Two:
It’s important for your child to know the best way to make friends is to be themselves. It’s okay to get a new, new friend.
Tip Three:
Encourage them to Speak Up. Everyone is important. It is never okay for one child to make another child feel like they are less important than someone else. If someone, even your child, is being bullied by someone at school tell your child how important it is that they let their teacher know what’s going on.
Tip Four:
Don’t Embarrass Your Child. Don’t kiss them goodbye in front everyone, if they don’t lean in towards you first. They will steal hugs and kisses from you at home, so the world is still okay.
Tip Five:
Teach them the Importance of a Smile. Chances are there are other shy kids. So tell your child if there is another child that they want to talk to … they should smile at them and say, “Hi.”
Tip Six:
Talk to their Friends Parents. If your child has a best bud, take a moment and talk to the parents of that best bud, so your child is able to spend some time with someone the first few days of school.
Tip Seven:
Ask About Their Day. Be excited about their school day. Ask how their day was and then actively listen.

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