KTRE: Police Officer Thankful

KTRE reports “Lufkin police officer who was battling cancer thankful for prayers.”
By Tia Johnson, Multimedia Journalist KTRE

Officer Randy Stallard with the Lufkin Police Department is officially cancer-free and back serving the community. After beating throat cancer, Stallard was all smiles when he came back to work.
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You Can Help

Currently, your radio station is experiencing technical difficulties. You may live in an area that is not affected by the current trouble, you may have wondered why your radio sounds so static-ey or you are listening on a smart device app.

Here’s the best way to describe the situation… Have you ever had an experience with your car where you can hear a sound and it messes up but then when you get to the mechanic nothing happens? Or the time you went to the shop and they tell you it could be 1 of 10 things or the combination of all of the above but they can’t find the solution till they test them ALL? Better yet you go to the Dr. and you have to undergo a series of tests, lots of tests, just eliminating stuff one thing at a time. Well, then you understand the transmitter situation. Engineers are scratching their heads on what may be the problem and it’s taken several different attempts to try and narrow the problem. The truth is we don’t know how long it will take, we don’t know if proposed solutions will work but like Dr.’s and mechanics, (no offense) it will be expensive. Here are several ways you can help:

  1. PRAY for your radio station, the engineers, and those who can’t hear the station now to be encouraged
  2. Ask your friends to PRAY
  3. Ask your church to PRAY
  4. Ask your friends- friends to PRAY
  5. Download the app and listen on your smartphone or tablet device
  6. Listen on your computer @ kswp.org
  7. Tell your friends how they can download the app or listen online
  8. Share on your social media page how others can pray, listen, and use the app
  9. Give a special gift at kswp.org/dontate
  10. PRAY