Say No to Bullying

Ikea asked students to bully one plant and compliment another, and the results will floor you. – KAREN BELZ
So here’s an experiment that may change the way you see your houseplants forever. IKEA, known best for their affordable furniture and tasty cafeteria meatballs, brought two nearly-identical houseplants into classrooms to teach a mind-blowing science lesson and raise awareness for Anti-Bullying Day.

The two plants were given the exact same amount of sunlight and water, with the only difference being that children were instructed to verbally bully one of the plants and verbally compliment the other over a 30-day period (there was also a recording of positive versus negative comments playing to each respective plant on loop). And the results? The plant that received positivity remained healthy over the course of the month, whereas the plant that received negativity wilted.

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