I Voted, an American right!

If what’s happening in the world is important to you, take a stand and let your voice be known. Go Vote!
Many Texas News services are reporting great numbers of people voting statewide. By 4:30 pm Monday, 42,241 ballots had been cast in Dallas County.

That number surpasses the 29,217 from the first day of early voting for the last midterm election in 2014. The numbers include mail-in ballots.
Political scientists say, Several methods stand out in terms of being most effective.

1) Education: Teaching kids early with “Motivating Messages,” research shows kids grow up knowing “voting is important” is what “Makes you a functioning voting adult.”
2) Peer pressure: Researchers tried a little social pressure to voters it increases the numbers at the poles.

A. Voters who were Reminded: It helped by 1.8% increase over those who did not get a reminder in the mail.
B. Voters a matter of Public Record: There was a 2.5% increase over others when made public record shown.
C. Voters Shown Previous Voting Record: An increase of 4.9%  among people shown their previous voting records.
D. Voters Shown Neighbors Voting Records, turnout at the polls rose a whopping 8.1% increase.
E. The most effective thing to do, he says, may be to say to a close friend or coworker, “let’s go to the polls together.

*** Although shaming may get out the vote, researchers cautions that it likely also burns bridges. “I think it produces backlash,” with many asked to be left alone.

3) Healthy competition  “People are going to participate when they think they are going to make a difference.”
4) The Personal touchAppealing directly to friends and family might help them get to the polls on Election Day. But keep in mind that everyone has their own opinions on the candidates.

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