Is God Sending You a Wake-up Call?

by Jack Zavada
Bad things happen to good people, and most of the time we can’t figure out why. Once we understand that as believers, we have been saved from our sins through the death of Jesus Christ, we can rule out the possibility that God is punishing us.

We are his redeemed children now and no longer subject to his punishment. However, there’s another possibility we rarely consider.

Maybe God is sending us a wake-up call.

“Why did God allow this?”
When personal tragedy hits, we can be sure a good God doesn’t cause it, but he does allow it to happen. We wonder, “Why did God allow this?”

That’s exactly the question God wants us to ask. After our salvation, God’s second goal for our life is to conform us to the character of his son, Jesus Christ. We all stray off that path sometimes.

God has higher standards for us as Christians. He wants us to be like Jesus. Go Here for more.

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