911 Call… Dan is Dangling from Roof

By Lindsey Bever | Go here for the whole story. Prepare yourself!
It was only minutes before sunrise when Alfred Norwood Jr. slammed on his brakes, stopping his truck in the middle of the road, and turned on his hazard lights.

The 65-year-old veteran from Austin said he was heading home after taking his wife to work one hazy morning early last week when he saw what appeared to be a man in a blue plaid shirt, jeans and Velcro sneakers, hanging from the rooftop by his fingertips. Alfred grabbed the ladder, ripping it from the display, and repositioned for him.

“Alright, can you reach it? Can you reach it?!” he added.

When there was no response, Norwood shouted, “Help!”

“It looked like a guy in distress needing help, go here for more.



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