De-Stress This Season

Three generation family having a Holiday dinner.

Do the holidays fill you with happiness or apprehension?

You have the most pressure when planning, cooking, decorating, shopping, coordinating, buying gifts, preparing food or any of the many other holiday happenings at this time of year. There is just too much to do. And that doesn’t include so little time.
You go from elation to exhaustion – So how do you avoid the holiday stress. It’s a fact, Women suffer more stress than men.

Yet stress doesn’t have to be part of your holidays. So what are some answers? We went to for answers.

Here are a few for all of the list “Go to their website.“

1. Taking positive actions now to plan the upcoming season will reduce pressures and increase your enjoyment of what can be a lovely time of year.
2. Arm yourself with quick “escape valve” techniques to remove stress when you’re in the midst of the most hectic days.
3. Ditch the great expectations This is “the biggest stress = expectations.”
4. Start planning early. “You reduce stress and don’t get caught in the feeling of being rushed. Go here for more.
5. Determine who will help. Get a neighbor & work together if no one else is available.
6. Create new traditions to replace any rituals that trigger sadness.
7. Organize your gift list and shop early.
For the Complete List of Answers for the busy holiday, “Go Here to”

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