I’m Sorry

I’m Sorry!

Most of us aren’t sure how to say sorry and find ourselves tongue-tied when it comes to making amends.
How to Say Sorry in 6 Steps
Step 1: Apologize in a timely fashion, like soon. – The longer you wait to apologize, the bigger the situation gets.

Step 2: Recount the situation – Delving into the details ensures you and the person you are apologizing to are on the same page…

Step 3: Acknowledge the hurt you caused – Acknowledging what you have done to cause them pain validates their feelings.

Step 4: Assume responsibility for the damage – This part is key. Say “I am sorry” and take responsibility for your actions.

Step 5: Ask for forgiveness – Once you have shown remorse, you hand the reigns over and ask for forgiveness.

Step 6: Promise it won’t happen again – Learn from your mistake and avoid making it in the future to show that you understand your wrong-doing.

Step 7: The Most Effective Apologies
Timely apologies are most effective.

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