Christmas New Beginnings

A woman Christmas shopping, had about $150 in cash plus checkbook, drivers license and a credit card. She didn’t realize they  were missing till hours after shopping. She calls all the stores ” nope sorry”. She said to a friend “I know $150 isn’t a lot but at this time of year, and the inconvenience of losing cards etc, she was up all night fretting about it.

(The Store didn’t want to be acknowledged)

So today she had to go back to XYZ to exchange something, as she is checking out the manager comes over and says “someone turned this in last night, and we knew you’d be back in a couple of days so I just held it for you.”

He hands her her wallet WITH EVERYTHING IN IT!!!! Thank you stranger and Merry Christmas!!!!!!

(she bought the store a huge basket of cookies and brownies from the bakery, so they were also excited.)

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