Sum Up 2018 in 3 Words

Pick Three (3) Goals, list 3 things or words which best describe the themes of what you intend to focus on this year. Focus on finishing the Task or Work Weekly! They aren’t “resolutions” as much as areas of activity and behaviors. Work on and Update the list Daily of what’s accomplished!

First “Sum Up 2018”.                        Then Your 2019 Words
3 Words from 2018.                           Pick 3 Words for 2019

1. _______________________       1. _______________________

2. _______________________       2. _______________________

3. _______________________       3. _______________________

My Examples Below… (I started in 2018 – Continuing in 2019)

  1. Healthy
    • Spiritually- Feeding on God’s Word and
    • Eating the right physical foods. (90lbs lighter)
  2. Listening
    • Actually Hearing what others are saying and doing.
    • Repeating what they say… before responding.
  3.  Consistency in my life;
    • Doing what Needs to be done! DAILY JUST DO IT!

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