Clean & Declutter at the Speed of Life

Spring Clean and Decluttering at the Speed of Life, while this sounds to good to be true. Here are some tips directly from “A Slob Comes Clean” blogger Dana K. White. (Dana’s words not mine and Kevin’s)

Following the steps in Decluttering at the Speed of Life, you can purge the clutter, no matter how deep.

1. Throw away trash: The goal is to reduce the overall volume of mess. This will make the space less visually overwhelming, and visible progress will spur you to keep decluttering. Grab a black trash bag and hrow things away. It really is that easy.

2. Get the Easy Stuff out of this space. As you pick up an Easy Stuff items, look around for anything else that needs to go the same place. Take things where they go Trash or “keep piles” to deal with later.

3. Work through the clutter, item by item. At this point, you should see a pretty significant difference. Maybe, … the Easy Stuff step got the space under control and you can start with the dusting and shining!

4. As you continue working, pick up one item at a time and make a final decision about it. Decide where it goes (and then take it there) or put it in your Donate Box.