Instagram-worthy Bible for millennials

Bryan Ye-Chung, left, and Brian Chung are co-founders of Alabaster. (Photo by Bryan Ye-Chung)

By Peter Holle | Washington Post

Brian Chung still remembers the first time he attempted to read the Bible… he’d recently converted to Christianity and was eager to plunge into the scripture that he’d heard so much about.

There was just one problem, Chung recalls: “I didn’t want to read it.” The text was small and serious-looking, each line corralled inside densely packed, numbered columns devoid of imagery — Now, Christian publishers are scrambling to repair that relationship by making the Bible more accessible and attractive to a generation of young people for whom the written word no longer resonates as strongly.

Their efforts are a way of embracing the present but also a nod to the church’s … past, A decade after his failed attempt at reading, Chung has turned his early aversion to the Bible into a growing business. He’s one half of a duo attempting to make the Bible “millennial-friendly,” sharing their ancient faith with a new generation shaped by an unending stream of visual content and social media stimulation.

Go to the Washington Post here for the Whole Story.

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