Vibrant Families Thrive with Fun, Quality Time

“Vibrant households stand out in that they have meaningful, fun, quality time with both their housemates and extended household members,” the research said. “…

Vibrant households

  • Come together for games (32%).
  • Meals (63% eat breakfast together… 75% eat dinner together)
  • Share their feelings (59%) on almost a daily basis.

Vibrancy also correlates with group discipline, like

  • Working on the house or yard together (34% every day or two)
  • Hosting household or family meetings (68%).”

Barna asked Christians about three elements of their house’s faith practice:

  • Spiritual practices – defined here as praying every day or two together and reading the Bible weekly, together.
  • Spiritual conversations – defined as talking about God together at least weekly.
  • Hospitality – defined as welcoming non-family guests regularly, or at least several times a month.

Michael Foust is a freelance writer. Visit his blog,

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