Rule 48

This is a list of just a few things that happened to us or our friends this week:
3 rooms of the house were flooded by ice maker filter failure
Battery on car went dead
A family member was unexpectedly hospitalized
A medical test said surgery might be needed
Some family members argued

I’m sure you have “stuff” happening in your life or like us you are praying fro someone else.  The key is HOW you deal with all these wonderful unexpected situations.  It will likely take a lifetime to figure out how to do this most gracefully – but your good friends are here to cheer you on!

Tips for Dealing with Surprises and Unexpected Events:

Acknowledge the fact, and learn to accept that surprises and unexpected events are part of life and are unavoidable.

A positive attitude is an asset in unexpected situations.Not all unexpected events are negative. Sometimes, what seems like a problem, or even a disaster, could be a blessing in disguise.  Make the most of it, instead of thinking about what you lost, thinking about what you could possibly gain.

Learn and practice prayer and quiet time. Even just 10 minutes of quiet time every day can make a great change in your life, making you feel, calm, relaxed, and unperturbed by the events in your life.

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