It’s Ok

We Are Messengers – “Maybe It’s Ok”

It was a typical day. I drove to work, parked my car, gathered my belongings and started walking toward the door – all like normal. But then it happened. I felt this strong pain radiating at the top of my head – not normal. While walking, I’d accidentally hit my head on another car’s side-view mirror. It was no big deal, so I thought. But this “minor” incident caused such a severe concussion that the next few months left me struggling to speak, walking with the aid of a cane and unable to make it through a day without mentally shutting down. I was terrified. I was overwhelmed. Life wasn’t supposed to be this way.

You may never have suffered from a terrible concussion, but I can imagine you’ve experienced great trauma, nonetheless. Whether it’s emotional or physical suffering, your heart has ached with pain. You’ve been overwhelmed and thought life wasn’t supposed to be that way. It’s difficult to imagine our Heavenly Father allowing us to go through such difficult times, but in His sovereignty, there is purpose in the pain.

You might be asking, how can something that doesn’t feel so good truly be for your good? I wondered the same thing. But I realized it’s the pains of life that keeps our eyes looking up and our knees pressed to the floor. All that I’ve experienced on the long and difficult healing journey after my concussion has allowed me to see God moving in my life in such a special way. In those moments I felt I couldn’t take anymore, He reminded me that in my weakness, He is strong. It was life’s bumps and bruises that God used to strengthen my character and deepen my relationship with Him. And as you depend on God in the midst of your trials, you’ll find the same to be true.

Although our circumstances may not immediately change, God is changing us in the midst of our circumstances. The stretching of our faith causes growth. And there’s often a purpose in the pain greater than the growth taking place within! God walks with us through our trials so that we can walk with others. You never know when you’ll cross paths with someone who needs to hear your story and be reminded of God’s glory.

So today, allow life’s pains to remind you of God’s presence and choose to trust His plans and process. Through the ups and downs, He is with you more than you know and He’s in the details of every aspect of your life. Be refined in the furnace and know that it’s ok not to be ok.

Maybe it’s ok if I’m not ok
‘Cause the One who holds the world is holding onto me
Maybe it’s all right if I’m not all right
‘Cause the One who holds the stars is holding my whole life

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