Beauty Must Be Heart Felt

The Most Beautiful Things in the World cannot be Seen or Touched. They must be Felt with the Heart! Helen Keller

Personal growth is not easy. But you can make many tiny changes each day that will make a difference in a big way. Many have discovered, little steps followed by little steps actually builds on itself.

Are you stuck and not sure what to do? Just keep moving forward one step at a time. And soon you’ll discover you have accomplished what you set out to do! – Darren Hardy

Life is Like a Marathon

There’s no one giant step that does it all. It’s a lot of little steps. Peter Cohen

Life is like a Marathon

When you train for a marathon, you don’t run the whole race the first practice. It’s a lot of little steps at first, with more and more added as your training continues.

Then over time, you’re running a quarter of a mile.  A little more time passes and your running a mile. Overtime your completing the entire coarse!


Project Sticker Shock

The Drug-Free All Stars recently completed their annual event, Project Sticker Shock.

This year, the 57 Drug-Free All Stars visited 18 grocery and convenience stores throughout Angelina County to make the community aware of the dangers of underage drinking and the consequences of purchasing alcohol for minors.

Possible consequences for purchasing alcohol for minors include:
1. one year in jail,
2. a $4,000 fine,
3. a suspended driver’s license for 6 months.

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