Cool Mother’s Day Cards

Mother’s Day Cards For Cool Moms, Not Regular Moms

Mother’s Day is coming. Back away from the corny Hallmark cards.

For everyone celebrating the mothers (and/or mother figures) in their life this year, we’ve got your back. Here’s a selection of funny, cute and cheeky cards for any mom with a sense of humor. Because who wants rhyming prose when you could have pug puns?

Here are funny Mother’s Day cards we love:

1. An apology for the rough times:

mothers day card

Mother’s Day Approaches

As Mother’s Day approach’s, Al & Kevin at Good Friends Mornings  Wishes You You’re Best Mother’s Day ever:

  • If you are a mother, keep up the good work! We know you have a job that’s tough and we salute you!
  • If you wanted to be a mom and God never answered that prayer we can and will pray for you!
  • As a mom there’s nothing wrong with pampering yourself!
  • If your mom has gone to heaven, we will pray for you and want to find a way to honor your mom this Mother’s Day. She wouldn’t want you to be sad!
  • If you had a less than perfect mom give her and yourself the gift of forgiveness!