I Wonder If This Works?

Dog Onesie Keeps Your Pup From Shedding All Over Your House
It’s funny, cute, and genius all at the same time. It’s called,
Shed Defender.
Story by Caitlyn Fitzpatrick

No matter how much you love your dog (and we know you love them a lot), you have to admit that finding hair on your couches and blankets isn’t your favorite thing.

Shed Defender, which appeared on Shark Tank in 2018, will save your home from being covered in unwelcome dog hair. This onesie looks funny. Dogs typically aren’t in leotard-like outfits, so this might be look insane at first glance.

However, it helps keep dog hair off your furniture, keeps your pup warm, and reduces exposure to allergens. While it doesn’t stop a dog from shedding, because that’s a natural process, it contains the hair to the onesie.

One thought on “I Wonder If This Works?

  1. Well, I’d at least lose weight and gain muscle tone trying to shove my beast of burden (German Shepherd) into the thing.

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