4th of July Accessory for Dogs Afraid of Fireworks

4th of July Accessory for Dogs Afraid of Fireworks
By Michele Debczak
Fireworks are an entertaining part of Independence Day for many people, but for pets, they can trigger panic. There are steps you can take to calm down your dog during fireworks shows.

You can keep them indoors, putting on an anxiety vest, and giving them a walk beforehand. Yet when 170-decibel explosions are going off around them, there’s a chance they may bolt.

If you want to keep close tabs on your dog this Fourth of July, a smart pet tag can help. Pawscout combines the technology of a pet microchip with the noninvasive convenience of a dog tag.

If your dog ever gets lost, you can use the app to alert other Pawscout users in the area. Anyone within a 300-foot radius of your pet will be able to see your dog’s location on a map in the app.

For more on Pawscout go Here

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