Ordinary or ExtraOrdinary

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra. — Jimmy Johnson

A conversation with a coach and athlete.

“Did you run sprints?”

“Yeah, lots.”

“Line to line?”

“Yes, I always touch the line.”

“Does everybody touch the line?”

“No, some guys get close, but they get lazy.”

I wait. I can almost hear the light bulb go on through the phone.

“Three inches is about the distance they get to the line!”

“You got it. Winning and losing is not in your control,” I explain. “Instead of concerning yourself with the score, be a competitor. Who is coming in first during the sprints? Beat them. Who stays after practice to catch a few more throws? Catch more. A competitor does not worry about the scoreboard or stats or social media fans. A competitor shows up to be the best they can be and their hunger for improvement is never satiated.”

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