Norman the Scooter Dog

Norman the Scooter Dog on the mend after cancer treatment. Norman, a French sheepdog that can ride a scooter and bicycle like a human, has been able to get urgent cancer treatment.

By Scott Stump
Norman the Scooter Dog, who has set Guinness World Records and once showed off his moves on TODAY, has been able to get life-saving cancer treatment thanks to the generosity of strangers.
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Difficult Things Happen

by Ralph Marston

Every problem is a chance for you to become a better version of yourself. Every challenge charts a path for growth and improvement.

Every setback carries the potential for powerful motivation. Every disappointment can lift you to a higher level of resolve.

Every inconvenience has the power to inspire new resourcefulness. Every frustration gives you a way to strengthen your patience.From each positive experience, you learn a few things. From each negative experience, you learn much more.
Of course you would not intentionally seek to be hurt or disappointed. But neither would you want a life where hurt and disappointment never happen.

Difficult things can happen, do happen, and amazingly, life finds a way to make them beneficial. Difficult things can happen, and that’s what makes the good things so very good.

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