Research: New Fathers are losing Close Friends

The Movember Foundation wants to help stop new dads from suffering in silence
By Sarah Young

Becoming a father is considered by many as one of life’s most rewarding experiences but the transition into parenthood can also be challenging and a time when support from colleagues, family and friends is crucial.

Despite this, a new survey has found that around one in five men are losing friends in the first 12 months since becoming a dad.

And From Focus on the Family – The prevailing framework with which dads approach their role in the family is as an equal partnership with their wife.

Dads view their role as that of a team player with shared responsibility with their wife rather than split responsibility. Instead of taking sole ownership for the financial support of the family, many dads share this role with their wife.

In return, they play active roles in caring for the children and completing other domestic duties. In this shared responsibility fathering role, dads, as well as moms, deal with the daily frustrations of getting children ready to leave and the hassles of shuttling them to their activities.

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