Angelina AirFest 2019

Angelina AirFest, SAVE THE DATE: September 28-29, 2019

We recommend that guests attending the show bring their own lawn chairs to spectate.

NO coolers, NO large bags, NO smoking, and NO hand held radios will be allowed in the gates!

Featured performers for AirFest 2019 include headline act Kyle Franklin in Dracula, The Imortal Red Baron, in his Sopwith Pup, Stephen Covington in the Pitts Raptor, Mike “Spanky” Gallaway in the Extra 300, Nathan Hammond “Ghost Writer Airshows” Super Chipmunk, Kate Kyer Pitts Special, Curt and Paul Richmond Pipes and Props Show, Pitts Special and Motorcycle race, Russell Armstrongs L39 Thunderbird, ReMax Skydivers and Hot Air Balloon, Terry Sonoday’s P51 Mustang, Karen Brinkley in her Cessna O2 Deuce, Jed Doggett’s A26 Invader and many more. Bring your chair, and join us for 2 days of adrenaline rush style excitement.

Pre-Sale Ticket Prices at the below locations:
1. Ages 5 and under are FREE
2. Ages 6 and up are $10
3. VIP Tickets are $25. This includes: seating, snacks, water & soft drinks. Includes admission to either Sat. or Sun. performances (not both) and the night show on Sat. evening at 7:30.


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