Drug-Free All Stars 2019-2020

The Coalition announces the new group of Drug-Free All Stars for the 2019-2020 school year.. The Drug-Free All Stars are a group of high school seniors from Angelina County who are hand selected to serve as role models for their community by living a tobacco, drug, and alcohol-free lifestyle.

Drug-Free All Stars are active throughout the school year by volunteering their time in the community promoting a healthy and drug-free lifestyle. The All Stars this year consist of 57 students from seven Angelina County high schools including; Central, Diboll, Hudson, Huntington, Lufkin, Pineywoods Community Academy, and Zavalla.

Since 1988, The Coalition has focused on eliminating the use of harmful substances by affecting public policy, laws, attitudes and behaviors, all in an effort to foster healthy life-long choices for the local community.

**********Caption for photo************
Front row, from left to right: Alexis Windsor, Connie Davis, MehrielGatus, Alexie Hernandez, Odalis Perez, Alexa Baker, CarlyeMcLelland, Laurel Ainsworth, and Nillah Alexander. Second row, from left to right: Jade Beauchamp, Shawni Poindexter, Jada Salaiz, Brissa Gonzalez, Lizabeth Martinez, Journey Carver, Dakotha Helton, Kennedy Marshall, Alexis Ferguson, Melany Escobedo, Elizabeth Escobedo, and Joselyn Rodriguez. Third row, from left to right: Caleb Crawford, Bethany Nerren, Brooklyn Hughes, Devin Snell, KeilaMartinez, MorelyaBucio, Autumn Greene, Baylee Bentley, Britt Williams, McKenzie Kartye, Katie Wright, Cy Murphy, and Logan Peikert. Fourth row, from left to right: Kaycie Jo Brown, Toby True, Sarah Freeman, Destanie Snider, Lakeyn Powell, Cady Guevara, Lindsey Murphy, Emmy Howard, Lainey Gates, and Lauren Basham. Fifth row, from left to right: Hayden McLeroy, Austin McCarroll, Nikohlaus Herrera, Misti Mills, Sitlalli Davis, Dhruv Chauhan, Cesar Lopez, and Skylar King. Last row, from left to right: Trace Lucas, Devin Luker, Parker Weiblinger, Aiden Dickson, and Garin Ashby.

For more information about the Drug-Free All Star program, contact Abby Bakerat The Coalition at 936-634-9308.

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