Today Changed My Life Forever..

So the other day, like every day, I walked to the bus stop to catch the bus to work.
I usually catch the first bus running around 4am so to have enough time to get breakfast before I start my 430shift.
Needless to say, I typically sit at the bus stop alone but today I was accompanied with a man that appeared to be homeless.
He was wearing a suit.. well, what was left of it.
The jacket was ripped on a sleeve. His neck tie was wrapped around his hand to, what I assume, stop the bleeding of a few cuts he had.

And he had sunglasses on top of his head with a lens missing.
Now, before you judge me for sounding like a creep because of how I’m describing this man, let me remind you that it’s 4am.
It’s still dark outside.
I’m alone with a man that looks like he doesn’t have a thing to lose… And I’m 94% sure I may just get robbed.
Anyway, I sat down on the bench by him and said nothing.
Something told me to say something. “GoodMorning”, “you alright?” , or a simple “whatup”.
But before I could, I saw the bus coming so I quickly stood up to wave it down then sat back down and said the first and only thing that came to mind which was,
“whether you see it now or not, everything’s gonna be okay. Don’t you worry.”
I laid a $5 on the bench and I walked on the bus.
I was off work the next day so I wasn’t at the bus stop but today I continued my daily schedule and left to catch the bus.
4am. Like usual.
While walking, I saw a person walking up to the same stop as me but from the opposite direction and they were waving.
Me, I acted like I ain’t see it and sat down on the bench.
A few seconds later the person walked up and stopped right beside me.
I had my hood up and my head down with my earbuds in so I didn’t see or hear anything.
But then he taps me on the shoulder.
I pause my music and looked up and it’s the same man I gave the money to.
He sat down on the bench beside me and asked if we can talk. He extends his hand to, what I thought was to shake mine, but instead puts the same $5 and this bullet right in my palm and said exactly this..
“you saved my life..after my fiance died I stopped hearing from God. I needed something some kind of sign he’s still there. And at my lowest low I just gave up on him. This bullet was going in my head but I want you to have it. ”
He said more words after that but I was too overwhelmed to catch it all.
He hugged me then walked away.
I was so… I don’t even know what word to describe the feeling I had.. But I missed my bus.. Twice.

I just thought I’d share my story with everyone.
We’re all fighting battles of our own and you never know how close somebody is to throwing in the be a nice human and always Be Blessed.🙏💯

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