Who Has Most Emails Al, Kevin or You?

How many e-mails do you have in your inbox at this moment?

One article I read said one group surveyed ‘waste’ the equivalent of 30 WORKING DAYS a year on their office email. WOW!

How do you manage you inbox?

  1. Set aside a specific time
  2. Respond/Take action when you check it
  3. Use unsubscribe feature
  4. Organize using folders and labelsRead article here


Uniquely Amercian

Having grown up in America I knew things were different in other countries but I found this list so interesting!  I can’t imagine life without air conditioning or bug screens – YAY AMERICA!

Common American products that seem bizarre to people from other countries

Spray cheese is a distinctly American phenomenon.  Processed liquid “cheese” makes no sense to the rest of the world.

Yellow school buses are uniquely American. While school buses exist outside of the US, nowhere else are they bright yellow.

In-sink kitchen garbage disposals are common amenities in many US homes, but they’re controversial in many parts of the world for their negative environment impact. In fact, they are banned in most European countries.

While most Americans can’t imagine their life without air conditioning, people from other countries complain about freezing temperatures when they visit.

Grape-flavored anything is an exclusively American treat.

Red Solo cups are an iconic American symbol.

Coffee culture in America is rooted in a “grab-and-go” philosophy.  Apparently, the rest of the world likes to sit down and enjoy their coffee in mugs, rather than risk spilling their scalding coffee on themselves while hurrying to get to work on time.

In other countries, birds and bugs can fly willy-nilly into open windows, because they don’t use screens. Obviously they don’t live in Texas

White bread is also known as “American White Bread” around the world.