Gadget Whiz Kids Getting Younger

What was the most techie thing you ever got as a kid? A light bright???

Crazy to think that little ones are just gadget wiz kids at such an early age.

Check out these stats: (Do you see these findings as good or bad?)

At age 4, the survey found, three-fourths of the children owned their own mobile device, and about half multi-tasked, using more than one device simultaneously.

Among other findings, according to their parents:

• 20% of 1-year-olds own a tablet computer.

• 28% of 2-year-olds can navigate a mobile device with no help.

• 21% of 4-year-olds own a gaming console.

• 28% of parents said they use a mobile device to put their children to sleep.

The findings are a bit higher than recent results from Common Sense Media, which found that in families with children ages 8 and younger, ownership of tablet devices such as iPads was 40% in 2013. It found that 75% of children had access to some type of “smart” mobile device at home.

The study in Pediatrics involved a 20-question survey of 289 parents of 350 children in an urban, low-income, minority community. As with past research, the study finds that TV ownership is nearly unanimous at 97%. But it also finds that smartphone ownership in these households is high: 77% of parents surveyed said they had a smartphone.

What’s more surprising: Nearly 97% of parents said their children used mobile devices of some sort. Most started before their first birthday.

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