What to Talk About Instead

Politics around the Thanksgiving table can be like throwing a lit match into a tank of gasoline!  In fact, sometimes all conversation can be a challenge.  Here are some idea starters… Although I looked at the list and some of these can be dangerous too.

1. Football
2. Television – fall favorite finale
3. The weather
4. Shared memories – Give everyone a chance to tell their favorite story about someone else at the table.
5. Each other – Try asking someone about something they’re proud of — like their kids, the newly redecorated room in their house or that big project they’re doing at work.

If you can’t avoid it…maybe you can volunteer to clean the dishes. Slowly. By hand.

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Students Aid Competitor to Finish Race

“My name is Kim Jordan. My son, Kiam Jordan, was running in the State Cross Country race. Liam fell and pulled a muscle in his leg. He didn’t think he would be able to finish, but two boys from your school district helped my son. They cheered him on, grabbed his arm to help him continue, and made sure my son finished the race. I have nothing but gratitude for these athletes. I want to give them a shout out. So far, I have learned that one of the students’ names is Joshua Dixon from Forest Hill and the other is Bernard Duncan from Callaway. I would like to personally thank the school district for having such compassionate students and would like to thank the parents of these students. I have already emailed the principals at each school to let them know. Thanks so much!”

Plan for Game Time & Turkey Day

Game on! Grocery shopping is strategic before Thanksgiving! We plan and plan and always seem to miss something! The goal is NOT to have to visit grocery store the day before Thanksgiving!

#TrafficJam – So, Here’s a few ideas that might be on The GoodFriends Mornings on KSWP Radio listener’s mind this week or next! 

Pushing a cart through the grocery store is like a bumper to bumper traffic tango during a traffic jam. Continue reading