Plan for Game Time & Turkey Day

Game on! Grocery shopping is strategic before Thanksgiving! We plan and plan and always seem to miss something! The goal is NOT to have to visit grocery store the day before Thanksgiving!

#TrafficJam – So, Here’s a few ideas that might be on The GoodFriends Mornings on KSWP Radio listener’s mind this week or next! 

Pushing a cart through the grocery store is like a bumper to bumper traffic tango during a traffic jam.

There’s so many different ways to cook a turkey. I don’t feel confident with any of them, so I’ll just choose the option that has the highest probability of success in my tiny kitchen! (Dear Hubby, please don’t burn the house down trying to deep fry a turkey – watch a couple youtube videos first!)

Every thanksgiving I wish I had double ovens! It’s so intimidating to think about how to keep everything hot at the same time! I need strategy. Someone, please volunteer to help!

Thanksgiving day – some come for the food, I come for the football. Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions ALWAYS play somebody on Thanksgiving! Here’s the games the boys will be watching while the rest of us slave in the kitchen!

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