Last Minute

Last Minute Shopping
Four days left before the Christmas holiday, last minute shoppers are out in full force make last minute purchases. For those who’ve put off the shopping. some stores have extended hours and every place is full of sale tags. Economist expect consumers to spend $320 billion this year.

Postal workers remain busy this weekend to make sure deliveries are made on time. Online sales have led to a ten percent increase this year in deliveries.

KSWP KAVX Prayer Page – Amen

God’s Word is true! Today, our businesses are thriving. We cannot stop sharing God’s goodness and this story with others. We are now experiencing such peace, rest, boldness, assurance, and abundance. KSWP and KAVX have combined through the years and have taught us how to focus on the Lord Jesus Christ and live out the Word of God! #prayerworkskswpkavx

Morning Message



“The Hope of the World

     Christmas begins in God’s heart,

          It’s complete when it reaches the heart of man

               with love and understanding.


Morning Moment:
How do you stop yourself from feeling helpless in uncertain times? One way a family member of mine stopped getting seasick when I was on board a navy ship for the first time. A senior naval officer had advised Chris, “Don’t look at the waves around you. Look at the horizon far away. Look at that stable, stationary line and you will feel better.” When I fixed my eyes on that unshakable, unwavering line, even though the ship bobbed up and down in the rough sea, I did not feel so seasick anymore.

Don’t look at the waves of circumstances happening all around you, instead, look at the unshakable Word of God. Your heart will stabilize and you will see your God supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus!