How many toys do kids really need?

Don’t worry about loading up your cart at the toy store to aid your kid’s development. Here’s how many toys they really need.

Before having my son, I had seen one too many living rooms taken over by toys. I was determined that my own house would never be filled with plastic blinking contraptions that would inevitably become tripping hazards and leave my husband and I howling in pain. But, like all the other things I said I would never do, I found it difficult to avoid once I actually became a parent.

1. Keeping toys minimal “Children need to play, but this doesn’t require toys,” One toy parents should always have on hand is drawing supplies and paper, according to Anne Rowan-Legg, a paediatrician at Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario in Ottawa.
2. Follow their cues As children near the age of five, MacNamara says they may show a clear preference for certain types of play or expression, such as building towers, designing train tracks, taking dolls on adventures or serving food.
3. Don’t sweat all the stuff If you’re looking around your living room and it’s already overflowing with toys, take heart

Go Here for more Ideas, Answers and Whole Story. An older story on this but, excellent reading.

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