January De-Clutter Challenge

30 Day De-Clutter Challenge

. We love to get our house cleaned back up after the craziness of the holiday season but I hate feeling overwhelmed by the idea of everything that needs to be done, so what better way to get it all accomplished then just doing it in steps one day at a time. With this easy 30 Day De-Cluttering / Cleaning Challenge you will have your house back to being fresh and clean in no time.

  1. Clean out your fridge
  2. Clean out your pantry
  3. Clean out your closet of things that you no longer wear
  4. Empty your junk drawer
  5. Go through your movie collection
  6. Organize your Tupperware
  7. Donate old books
  8. Clean out your wallet
  9. Clean out your purse
  10. Clean out your makeup drawer and or bag
  11. Clean out empty containers in the shower
  12. Purge your bathroom cabinets
  13. Go through your shoes (donate what doesn’t fit)
  14. Organize your linen closet
  15. Clean your car (inside and out)
  16. Clean out your medicine/ toiletries cabinet
  17. Clean/ organize 2 kitchen cabinets
  18. Donate unused accessories – jewelry, hats, scarves etc.
  19. Clean out and donate kids unused toys
  20. Clean all blinds and walls
  21. Organize and donate unused board games and electronics
  22. Organize and discard cleaning supplies
  23. Clean any remaining kitchen cabinets
  24. Clean ceiling fan blades
  25. Organize photos/ memorabilia
  26. Clean out kids closets/ dresser (donate what no longer fits)
  27. Clean baseboards and replace air vents/ filters
  28. Clean out garage and or shed
  29. Clean light fixtures
  30. Clean and Organize any remaining parts of the house
  31. Celebrate a job well done!


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