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Little child in big cathedral, indoors

Little child in big cathedral, indoors

Last week we reported this story about a pastor asking a mom and child to go to the nursery.

When it posted to the KSWP Facebook page, comments started coming in.

Here is what was said:

My Pastor would never do that. When my children were little, and cried for a bit, I apologized to our Pastor. He said, never worry about that. That is a true Pastor. If they were really fussy, I would get up and go to the nursery with them.

I don’t agree with his tact but he is human and flawed. I couldn’t tell how loud the baby was or for how long the baby cried before he said something. That’s a major factor because when Trinity was a baby, if she started distracting others, I got up and left the room. So if she didn’t think of others then it’s on her too. You would’ve had to be there to have a fully educated opinion but he did not respond to the upset very well at all.

I love our pastor! He will go and get the babies and carry them around with him as he preaches. He would never ask the mom to leave. When he senses mom or dad getting uneasy he will tell them to stay that it’s okay and get right back to preaching!

My opinion, why would you stay in a service with a noisy child? That is completely disrespectful to not only the pastor but every person trying to listen!!
I have been in church sitting near a noisy child, its impossible to pay attention to the pastor! And yes, I have been in a service where the pastor respectfully let the parent know about the nursery, I felt a bit embarrassed for the mom but well she should have had the presence of mind to get up and walk out before it got to that point! If a pastor has to stop a service because of a noisy child, then that child has been loud for a bit and the parent had more than enough time to do something to fix the situation for everyone!

What would Jesus do?

Not mine.. he would keep right on preaching

Not a chance! But some parents need to be conscious of the interruption to others if the cries continue and are loud!

When I am in church I am too focused on the teachings of the preacher yo worry about what is going on behind me of course I hear the babies cry but it doesn’t distract me cause I’m too focused on the message.

My pastor stops the sermon and tells the parent it’s ok, we like fussing babies because it reminds us of what life is all about.

“A crying baby in the congregation gives us hope for the next generation.”

It’s just going to happen with babies It’s best to put em in nursery at the start n then there wouldn’t be a problem Or if there’s no nursery worker stay with em yourself. Most have intercoms so u can still hear.

Most people go to church to connect with the spirit, gain knowledge of his word and connect with other liked mind people. If a child or anyone is disruptive in any means then there has to be a detour of some sort.

I can’t believe all the negative being pointed at children in church! The same people who are anti-abortion are saying “keep them out of the sanctuary in case they disrupt me”. This breaks my heart.

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