Black History Month


February is coming to an end and so is this years Black History Month. But history continues and Good Friends would like to recognize the many contributions of African-American’s that make life easier for all of us today.

feb25 gf 2Benjamin Banneker — was born in 1731 on a farm in Baltimore County where he grew up. At age 21, he saw a watch and he was fascinated by it. Banneker became a watch maker, making the first striking clock to be made completely in America.


fewb25 gf3Thurgood Marshall — was born in Baltimore City in 1908 and became the first African-American justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. He also was part of the legal team in the historic Supreme Court trial Brown v. Board of Education (1954).


feb25 gf 4Did you know that George Washington Carver is responsible for inventing 118 products made with sweet potatoes? He also created 75 products with pecans. Carver is better known as the inventor of peanut butter and 300 peanut products. A well-respected college professor and botanist, he also worked with three U.S. presidents.




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