One small step for Kevin – one giant leap for Gina

rocket 1

Good Friend in the Morning, Kevin, just got his Father’s Day gift. It came on a slow boat from China.

His wife, Gina, saw an Saturn V rocket lamp she knew would be perfect in his new office.


When it came she was furious to say the least.

rocket 2

Well, it FINALLY came this week and you can imagine my disappointment ( thats a very mild word for it) when a package no bigger than a bread box was delivered!!! In side this package was a rocket Lego set, about a silver dollar size piece of cotton and a small disc nightlight!🤬 The WORST case of false advertising i have ever seen! 

It is a 500 piece Lego set and what man doesn’t love Lego’s. So Kevin is happy and has already began assembly.

The awesome flame coming from the rocket is made of a red lamp and cotton.

Here is what came in the box.

rocket 3

The light is the size of a silver dollar…about as round as a golf ball.


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