Nacogdoches offers free WiFi

The City of Nacogdoches is offering free public WiFi, especially to help students during this unusual school year.

CL Simon Recreation Center (1112 North Street)
Judy B. McDonald Public Library (1112 North Street)
Nacogdoches Police Department (312 West Main St.)
City Hall Parking Lot (202 E. Pilar).
Banita Creek Park – 501 Pearl St.
Eugenia Sterne Park – 700 E. Main St.
Festival Park – 507 S. Pecan
Maroney Park – 2110 Maroney Dr.
Mill Pond Park – 1628 John St.
Pecan Acres Park – 826 Starr Ave.
Pioneer Park – 501 Lenwood St.
Ritchie Street Park – 800 Ritchie St.
Robert McCrimmon Park – 2129 Woden Rd.
Clint Dempsey Soccer Complex – 600 Pilar St.
Liberty Hall – 805 E. Main St.

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