2020 brought you Murder Hornets, 2021 brings lizards!

Large lizards are taking over in the Florida Everglades and have started popping up in Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama. Louisiana, and Texas. Biologists say the creatures are omnivorous, eating pretty much anything they can fit in their mouths. They’re also extremely hardy, so it’s tough to reduce the population or control the spread once the species becomes established in an area.

STORY HERE-https://sunny99.iheart.com/content/2020-12-29-dog-size-lizards-spreading-into-texas-and-louisiana-from-florida/

One thought on “2020 brought you Murder Hornets, 2021 brings lizards!

  1. Wednesday, ill be headed to sfa. I’ll be moving into my dorm room. I pray that 2021 will deliver new Christian friends who will encourage me throughout my life as a university student and a seasoned Christian. I’m concerned about safety coming to, living on, and leaving from the campus. I’m concerned about my finances, and so i pray that god will bless me with help and support from godly friends and/or family members. I also pray that i will have courage to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ on campus. I want the sfa community to know that its not about religion, but a relationship with Jesus Christ. God bless you. Jerome

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